Village faces being wiped off map

“There’s the church I got married in, the cottage hospital where I had my children, the primary school and the playgroup I helped set up. All of it will be under concrete.”

Linda McCutcheon, Sipson resident for nearly 40 years.

Source: BBC News 24, ‘Village faces being wiped off map”, 21 February 2006

A short essay by local historian Philip Sherwood describes some of the notable places and buildings in Sipson: Sipson Village.pdf

If Sipson were to be demolished for the airport then it’d not be the first time a settlement had made way for it. The hamlet of Heathrow was destroyed in 1944 to make way for it. You can read about it in Philip Sherwood’s essay ‘Heathrow – The Lost Hamlet’ : Heathrow – The Lost Hamlet.pdf

You can read more about the proposal for a third runway at Heathrow in this presentation given by the NoTrag local residents campaign group (requires Power Point software or similar): heathrowRunway3.ppt


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